a place for everyone

Kempo International is a pure Martial Arts organization based on the principle of sharing knowledge between open-minded instructors of international level. Open to all any practitioner of Kempo/Kenpo and the Philippino Arts, no matter style or other affiliations.

the foundation

Founded in 1999 by Hanshi (GM) Jorgen Jorgensen, Kempo International is a worldwide organization meant to bring practitioners of various Kempo/Kenpo styles together to unite the arts and to learn from eachother and thereby evolve as individuals and arts.

our senior advisory board

SGM Al Dacascos            SGM Rick Alemany                     SGM Frank Schneider

our presidents team

President - SGM Jorgen Jorgensen

VP USA - SGM Joe Rebelo

VP Central/South America
SGM Carlos DeLeon

VP Europe - GM Giuseppe Cavallo

VP Australia - Prof. Frank Monea